2018 Annual Sessions

OS17 - ORAL SESSION 17 - The New Frontier: Hepatitis C and Other Viruses

Apr 12, 2018 11:00am ‐ Apr 12, 2018 12:30pm


(170)  Heart and Heart-Kidney Transplantation from Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Positive Donors into HCV-Negative Recipients
Saima Aslam, MD, MS

(171)  Breaking the Viral Spiral: Changing how you C Hepatitis
Tara Miller, FNP

(172)  Early Experience With the Use of Hepatitis C Antibody-positive, Nucleic Acid Testing-negative Donors in Lung Transplantation
Michael Mulvihill, MD

(173)  Unexplained persistent hepatitis C Seropositivity (Hepc Ab+Ve) in the Absence of Viremia in lung transplant (Ltx) Recipients from Hepc Ab+Ve/Nucleic Acid Test Negative (NAT-Ve)Donors Associated with Excellent Clinical Outcomes and Implications for future practice
Olivia Smibert, MBBS

(174)  Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Lung Transplant Recipients
Gene Philip Louie Ambrocio, MD

(175)  The Prevalence of Hepatitis E Virus Infections and Ribavirin Therapy in Heart Transplant Recipients
Kenichi Okamura, MD



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