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ISHLTv content integrates expertise from ISHLT’s 10 Professional Communities around four interdisciplinary areas: Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation, Advanced Lung Failure and Transplantation, Mechanical Circulatory Support, and Pulmonary Vascular Disease (PAH & CTEPH).


Building on a Solid Foundation: Guidelines and Unique Challenges in CF Lung Transplant

Identification: ISHLTv_12

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Anticoagulation and Bleeding Complications in MCS Patients

Identification: ISHLTv_11

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Update on COVID-19 and Challenges in Cardiothoracic Transplantation

Identification: ISHLTv_10

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Hepatitis C+ Donors for Heart Transplantation: Redefining High Risk

Identification: ISHLTv_09

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Segmental and Subsegmental Disease in CTEPH: Misconception and Missed Opportunities

Identification: ISHLTv_08

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Molecular Mechanisms of Allograft Injury and CLAD

Identification: ISHLTv_07

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When a Single Ventricle Support is Not Enough!

Identification: ISHLTv_06

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The Evolving Science of Shock Recognition and Management

Identification: ISHLTv_04

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Pulmonary Hypertension: Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

Identification: ISHLTv_05

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New Frontiers in Heart and Lung Transplantation: ISHLT2020 Plenary Session Selections II

Identification: ISHLTv_03

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