ISHLTv Recorded Webinars

Join the global community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving the lives of patients with advanced heart and lung diseases on ISHLTv.

ISHLTv provides virtual education and connections for our community with live, recorded and digital content.

ISHLTv content integrates expertise from ISHLT’s 10 Professional Communities around four interdisciplinary areas: Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation, Advanced Lung Failure and Transplantation, Mechanical Circulatory Support, and Pulmonary Vascular Disease (PAH & CTEPH).


ISHLTv Webinar: Chagas Disease in Heart Transplantation

Identification: ISHLTv_21

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ISHLTv Webinar: Under Pressure: PH Management in End Stage Cardiopulmonary Diseases

Identification: ISHLTv_22

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ISHLTv Webinar: Around the World of Cardiogenic Shock: Interdisciplinary Research and Education

Identification: ISHLTv_20

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Interactive Live Case Discussion: ECMO Bridge to Lung Transplant: A Bridge too Far?

Identification: ISHLTv_19

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VAD Implantation: Standard vs Alternative Approaches

Identification: ISHLTv_18

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Deep Dive into Oral Presentations from ISHLT2021

Identification: ISHLTv_17

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All Mod Cons: Right Heart Catheterization Pearls and Gems in Pulmonary Hypertension

Identification: ISHLTv_16

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Interactive Live Case Discussion: Failing Fontan and Transplantation

Identification: ISHLTv_15

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The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic: Rising to the Challenge

Identification: ISHLTv_14

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Deep Dive on Hot Topics at JHLT

Identification: ISHLTv_13

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